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About the Beef

Purchase of Beef  

About these Steers:

These steers are all top notch, grass fed and will finish for at least 60 days with high protein cubes and beefmaker feed. All natural. They will also have continuous hay, protein & mineral licks. None of these steers have had ANY added antibiotics, steroids or hormones in their lives. 



About the Price:

Estimated weight of a half of a carcass is 275 - 375 pounds. Price is $6.75 per pound, which includes processing up to $1.19 per pound. (Ie: 325 pounds x $6.75 per pound = $2,193.75.) We will be able to give you an exact weight & price according to weight after they arrive at Wiatrek's and are hung to age ( see FAQ for more info )  . Estimated date for exact pricing is after the steers are butchered and hung for aging. *Aging is estimated to take around 2-3 weeks, however that too depends on how thick the fat is per steer. Thicker fat results in longer aging times.

What do you get?

There is a Beef Cut sheet, ( clik on it below)  which shows all available variations of beef cuts (Ribeye, T Bone, Sirloin, Tenderloin, Fajita, Hamburger, Roast etc) along with specifications of each cut (bone in, boneless, thickness, tenderize, freezer wrap or vacuum seal which is .40 cents / lb extra   ......etc).

You will fill this sheet out & submit it to us shortly before we take the steers to  the Processer.

(Click below to see Cut Sheet (PDF File) and use the images to go to the Beef Product Page.)





Here is a link to a breakdown of beef :

For additional cost, you are able to make “special requests.”

An example of such would be sausage. For sausage, Wiatrek's has pork shoulder roasts available or you can drop off your choice of meat for them to use.

Call Wiatrek's for more information. Their telephone number is: (830)484-2888.

How much is this gonna cost?

Payment terms are as follows: $1,000.00 to act as a Non-refundable Deposit.

This is due upon receipt.

Remaining balance will become due once your half steer's weight is determined & your Beef Cut sheet is submitted.

*Your remaining balance will be dependent on the weight of your half steer and any addtional processing fees .  And again, as we mentioned above the weight is estimated, it could be lower or higher - it all depends on the weight of the steer.

Where's the beef?

After your beef is processed & Final Payment is made, you only need to pick up in Poth, Texas at Wiatrek's Meat Processing.

Their Address is: 200 County Rd 220, Poth, TX 78147.

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Do you sell gift cards?  Yes we do!




OUR BEEF DOESNT COME FROM FEEDLOTS LIKE THIS ONE BELOW pumped with hormones, steroids and antibiotics,  Ours are fed all natural Grass and natural feed.

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Cash, Checks, Money Orders or ACH are all welcome!

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