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Frequently asked questions

What Size Freezer Do I Need?

We think a 21 cubic foot for a whole and a 13 cubic foot for a half and that should give you a little extra room for other foods.

How Long Will It Last In The Freezer?

As long as you handle the vacuum bags well and do not pop the seals, we find beef lasts over 1 year in the freezer without any issues.

What Cuts of Meat Can I Get?

When you fill out the cut sheet (see below PDF) it is to your preference.  So take a look at the Cut sheet provided and customize your own Beef.   (UPDATE: We now have a form that can be filled out on your computer.)






Also if you have 37 minutes click on the link below.  (May have to copy and paste the link)


What is the Deposit to hold my beef?

The deposit for a half is $1,000.00. The deposit for a whole is $2,000.00. Balance is due once the steer is hung for aging and final weight + kill fee is obtained. (Kill Fee is dependent on weight, as well.)

What Payments Do You Take?

Cash - Check - ACH - Paypal*- Venmo*       


When Is Final Payment Due?

Balance is due once the steer is hung for aging and final weight + kill fee is obtained. 

Can I See The Steer That I Am Buying?

Yes, you can, by appointment only.  Please remember this is a working Ranch and if Leon sees you, HE WILL PUT YOU TO WORK. This ain't Yellowstone.

You Say You Will Cover Up To A $1.19/lb For Processing; What Others Charges Could There Be?   

The processing fee  is different depending on the Processing Plant we can get booked in. For example, Wiatrek's has a Kill Fee between 50-100 dollars (goes by hanging weight) and their processing fee is $1.19/lb. Freezer wrap is no extra charge but if you wish to utilize Vacuum Seal, it will be .40 cents/lb extra. If you wish to have sausage made, it is $1.25 lb extra plus the cost of pork. Tenderizing is no extra charge. Feel free to call Wiatrek's at (830)484-2888, if you have ANY questions on processing and/or fees.

Will you deliver?

At this time we are not set up to do deliveries. We can hire an outside source* to pick up and deliver your Beef.*

Who Do I Make The Check Out To And Where Do I Mail It?
Make payment to:   
Little by Little Livestock & Land, LLC
13517 Ducat Court
Corpus Christi, TX  78418
I don't have enough room for a half a steer or I can't afford a half a steer. Will you sell me a 1/4 Steer?
I have a great solution to that...... split it with some friends or family and go buy a case of beer, ice it down and go pick up your half a steer.   All y'all gather around the beer and start dividing up the ok, I get one ribeye,  Bobbi Jo  gets one ribeye, Bubba gets one ribeye and on and on and so forth and so forth until it's all divided up evenly and the beer starts running out.
THEN YOU BBQ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And, of course, get more beer.*
*May be additional charge
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